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Supply Technology's state-of-the-art Technical Services Center and skilled Repair Technicians provide complete testing and board-level repairs services. Our technical expertise is complemented by a top-notch Refurbishing Department that delivers award-winning cosmetic reconditioning of telephone sets.

Supply Technology provides a full-range of repair service options:

  • Repair and Return: Our standard turnaround time gets your equipment sent back to you within two weeks of it's arrival
  • Advance Replacement: When you don't have time to wait, we offer a premium service. We'll send you a card or phone immediately and you send us the repairable unit you need replaced. (We do require that the unit you send us is repairable, so if it's still smoking after a lightening hit - just buy a new one.)
  • Refurbish Only: Have a project where you need a lot of phones cleaned up before being sent back into service? We offer the same award-winning cosmetic reconditiong that you get when your phones are repaired.
  • Custom Services: We'll work with you on whatever you need. Custom paint colors. Completed Desi's. Custom key caps. Just ask your Account Manager for help.